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Ed Couse v. The Law Office of Dan Caplis

By Ed Couse

The information contained in this section is to establish the Truth about Ed and Collette’s ordeal and negative experiences in the Denver, Colorado metro area since December 10, 2012. After Moving to Colorado in August of 2012 to be closer to their Daughter and four Grand Children. Collette and Ed never expected they would encounter the persecutions, false allegations, false imprisonments, stresses and outright inhumane treatments they have been forced to endured for the last four years.

Certain known and unknown individuals chose to make Ed and Collette's lifes a living hell, simply because they choose to follow their conscience and the law to the letter. 

The goal is to share Ed and Collette's recent experiences in the hope that others will not be forced to endure as they have and to give a voice to others who may have been similarly treated in the past or still may be at the present time. Please understand that when people have had enough, they will plainly say “Enough is Enough and We Are Not Going To Take It Any Longer.

So speak up Ed and Collette Must. 

Ed and Collette's most recent experience has been the Violation of Public Policy and the Public’s Trust by The Law Office of Daniel J. Caplis. Individuals like Dan Caplis are a blight to society and must be stopped from further damaging and/or outright ruining lives just because he believes he is one of the most powerful individuals in Denver and will get away with it.  Following is a chronology of Ed's experiences with the Law Office of Dan Caplis:

July 7, 2016 through July 12, 2016. LD (administrative systems and human resources director), BW (associate attorney), Dan Caplis and Ed Couse begin discussions regarding Ed's employment relationship with the Law Offices of Daniel J Caplis, LLC. During that time all discussed and agreed that the requirements of starting a new law firm for Mr. Caplis would take a commitment to many hours and dedication to hard work. Everyone also discussed the addition of another attorney with 35 years of litigation experience (Mr. KC) who would start the same day as Ed, and a pre-litigation person (Ms. LN) who had been there for a week prior. Also during that time Ed emailed Ms. LD some Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) information regarding salaried exempt employees and salaried non-exempt employees of which paralegals such as Ed are included. Ed also informed Ms. LD that Mr. Caplis and himself were in discussions regarding Ed becoming a 1099 contract litigation specialist due to the anticipated overtime requirements.

July 13, 2016 through the day before Mr. Caplis left for Europe on vacation. Staff had our first staff meeting in the conference room of Mr. Caplis’s country club wherein Mr. Caplis, BW, KC, LD, LN, Ed and two others discussed the Caplis law office client files and the processes for working them to proper resolution. During this meeting Ed's immediate supervising attorney Mr. KC and Ed were assigned litigation cases and attorney BW and LN were assigned mainly pre-litigation cases. Ed also sent Mr. Caplis his proposal regarding employment versus independent contractor and a litigation support services agreement which would have established Ed as a 1099 litigation specialist, exempt from overtime compensation. Mr. Caplis and Ed also discussed the time requirements Dan's desired goals of a serious law firm for serious cases would take. Dan and Ed also agreed that whatever time was necessary would be provided by Ed in pursuit of Dan's goals for the new law firm. Immediately prior to Mr. Caplis’s departure (I believe it was the day of his departure) to Europe, he requested that Ed “table” their discussions about the above mentioned contractor proposal until Dan's return from vacation, to which Ed agreed.

The time Mr. Caplis was in Europe on vacation until August 26, 2016. While Mr. Caplis was on vacation in Europe, he and Ed spoke again regarding Ed's proposal. Mr. Caplis asked at that time if they could again “table” his decision until he had an opportunity to “speak with his attorney”. During Dan and Ed's next conversation, Mr. Caplis was still in Europe and his staff and Ed had missed being paid on the first pay period for the new firm. Mr. Caplis apologized for the delay and again requested that he and Ed “table” the contractor proposal for a time and allow LD to add me into their ADP payroll system until Mr. Caplis had a chance to speak with his attorney. Ed agreed. It should be noted here that Mr. Caplis’s son had become ill while in Europe and Ed believed Mr. Caplis had enough on his plate and that Ed's proposal could wait for a short time. Upon Mr. Caplis’s return from vacation Mr. Caplis made many plans regarding his many cases and clients. Most involved how the new litigation team would stop at nothing to insure victory. Mr. Caplis told opposing counsel as well as out of state co-counsel how his new team was a seasoned, tried and true team who would fight the fires and become victorious. In many of his emails he referred to Ed as a 30+ year senior paralegal who acted as litigation support for a 35 year trial attorney (Mr. KC) who couldn’t be beaten.

It was during this time that Ed personally paid for the medical records of EB, a Boulder client Mr. Caplis was frantic to get the records for because EB’s family was worried about how Mr. Caplis was handling her case. In another instance, Ed personally paid for the delivery of discovery documents in the CH matter because the document delivery methodology had not been established in Mr. Caplis’s new office. Yet again in another instance, Ed had to personally pay for the delivery of documents out of state to Mr. Caplis’s experts so they could review the clients information. Throughout this period of time Mr. Caplis described Ed as his senior paralegal and a team member willing to go “above and beyond” with superior skills and abilities. Countless emails from Mr. Caplis to Ed and others praised Ed's abilities and skills for helping the firm out of bad situations. On many occasions Mr. Caplis praised Ed's ability to solve problems immediately that had suddenly occurred. During the entire time from my date of hire until September 7, 2016 Ed did not see one email or hear one word from Mr. Caplis regarding any sub par performance on Ed's part.

August 29, 2016 through September 7, 2016. On Monday August 29, 2016 Mr. KC, my immediate supervisor, a seasoned trial attorney with 35 years of trial experience, a man who purchased a home in the area less than 30 days prior so he could work for Mr. Caplis, resigned by giving two weeks notice in an email to Mr. Caplis and copied to the entire staff. The reasons described by Mr. KC were simple and to the point. Substantially what Mr. KC relayed to all was the fact that he wasn’t willing to work with “his hands tied behind his back” and that he was not willing to risk the ramifications from the way Mr. Caplis was handling the caseload. On Friday September 2, 2016, Mr. KC directed me to prepare and file 10 motions to withdraw as attorney of record, which I accomplished before the close of business that day. Although Mr. KC originally gave a two week notice, Mr. KC sent an email to Mr. Caplis and the entire staff explaining that Mr. Caplis’s unprofessional behavior required his abrupt departure and he resigned his employment with the Law Offices of Daniel J Caplis that same day.

On Wednesday September 7, 2016 Mr. Caplis, BW, LD and myself held our regularly scheduled case meeting at the law offices of Wahlberg Woodruff Nimmo & Sloane. During that meeting all was normal until Mr. Caplis asked me about a case and situation in that case regarding a “demand letter”. As this conversation was the first I had with Mr. Caplis regarding this I asked him to elaborate. Mr. Caplis informed me that the case I had made the mistake on was one of the most important cases in the firm and that the mistake was “case critical” (what ever that meant he never explained) and that my “poor performance” may have cost the law firm and the client. I immediately thought it strange that such an important mistake, in such an important case, that was so “case critical” wasn’t brought to my attention for three weeks. The fantasy incident happened on August 16, 2016 at 4:54 p.m. the day Mr. Caplis had (very kindly or I thought so at the time) given my wife and I two tickets to the Rockies baseball game. The email came in from RS and I stayed over to send the email as directed by Mr. Caplis and almost didn’t get the Rockies tickets from Mr. Caplis in time because the office of Wahlberg Woodruff Nimmo & Sloane had closed. I even explained how Collette (my wife) and I arrived at the game in the second inning because of my delay in sending the email. However when I pointed these facts out to Mr. Caplis, he went ballistic. He jumped out of his chair, got in my face as I sat there and accused me of not taking responsibility for my actions nor caring about the clients or the law firm’s cases. At that point I realized something was going terribly wrong and that I may be in a bad situation. I explained to Mr. Caplis that I take responsibility for my actions. That there were problems with some of the email and other data migrated from the server at the Wahlberg Woodruff Nimmo & Sloane offices to the Abacus cloud for Mr. Caplis’s new office. That it had already been determined that some items may not have made the migration. In fact it was determined that some emails and/or data hadn’t made the migration from one place to the other. I informed Mr. Caplis that I was more than willing to initially take responsibility for actions that may have been inadvertent, caused by the migration problem, or caused on someone else’s part and not mine. That by investigating the situation I would find out the true reason for the mistake to insure the mistake doesn’t happen again. Mr. Caplis then again went ballistic exclaiming his years of experience, his trial background, and his great disappointment that I had questioned what he was accusing me of and how he had come to his conclusion. I then stood up from my chair asked Mr. Caplis if he was terminating me, to which he responded no. I then asked Mr. Caplis to have Ms. LD make sure the electronically stored information was preserved so I could get to the bottom of the problem and find a solution the next day. I then left the meeting.

On Thursday September 8, 2016 Mr. Caplis sent a text message telling me not to report to work until he decided what he was going to do with me because he “had serious concerns about [my] job performance”. I replied by telling Mr. Caplis to take his time because I too had serious concerns since the first I had heard of the poor performance issue was yesterday at the conclusion of our meeting.

On Saturday September 10, 2016 Mr. Caplis sent another text message informing me he “cannot continue our relationship given our concerns with your performance” Mr. Caplis never mentioned my personal belongings left in the office nor the monies he knew he owed me for the medical records and delivery services I had personally paid for out of my own pocket. Mr. Caplis also failed to mention the original proposal and the overtime everyone had agreed needed to be worked and I did work, without compensation for.

On Saturday September 17, 2016 after I hadn’t received my office personal belongings from Mr. Caplis, nor had I received his promised severance package, Ed wrote Mr. Caplis a letter regarding Ed's severance package, the mutual agreements Mr. Caplis mentioned in his text when he terminated Ed, Ed's overtime compensation, repayment of past payments made by Ed for firm’s benefit, and the return of Ed's personal property. Twelve days later on Thursday September 29, 2016 a specious scathing correspondence from labor rights attorney Todd McNamara arrived in an attempt to dissuade and belittle Ed's attempts to get what is owed him. In response Ed delivered to you Ed's simple inquiry seeking clarity regarding the purposely confusing statements your attorney Todd McNamara made about my overtime worked. You again attack and avoid answering everything I ask. You never even mentioned the return of my personal property, in fact you never responded to me about my personal property at all, in any of your correspondence, you simply ignored it as you have the truth in this matter from the beginning.

October 3, 2016 you replied to my correspondence by continuing to prevaricate about my time at the law offices of Daniel J. Caplis, LLC. At least you finally replied regarding my personal property stating it would be returned to me in a day or two. You finally conclude your letter by stating I hadn’t raised a claim for overtime or for that matter I had not even worked the 40 hours per week as directed. You also state your offer of hush money will remain open until close of business October 7, 2016.

October 4, 2016 my personal belongings are delivered and many items are missing including the WWII letter opener my mother received from her brother while he fought in Europe. The items were delivered in an open box by AJ the process server I had communicated with regarding services he had performed for Dan Caplis. I do not believe Mr. J had anything to do with the missing items.