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Freedom through self control, individual responsibility and
Good Ole' American Perseverance .

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United We Stand Divided We Fall
In GOD We Trust
Hebrews 11

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Ed Couse v. Dan Caplis

Ed Couse v. Dan Caplis

What Happened Between Them?

Dan Caplis Has Forced Ed Couse To Work The Corner of Broadway and Kenyon Ave.
Ask Dan Why
Call the Dan Caplis radio show
M-F 9:00 am - 11:00 am 303-696-1971

The Resume of Edwin W. Couse, Sr.

Resume of Edwin W. Couse, Sr.

Ed's 35 years of Legal Experience

Ed worked for and with many of the Best and Brightest Attorneys in the Legal Industry. In addition, Ed has developed a vast and varied set of legal industry skills which allow him to excel in all practice areas of the law.

A Short Biography of Edwin W. Couse, Sr.

Short Bio of Edwin W. Couse, Sr.

Self employed since 11 years of age

Ed Developed an Entrepreneurial Spirit over 50 Years of Hard Work, Dedication, Innovation and Intestinal Fortitude.  Through Construtive Thinking Ed Has Developed Abilities  That Produce Positive Results.

MJ Proper, Inc.

MJ Proper, Inc. A Private Membership Organnization, Founded 1/04/2013

Mj Proper, Inc. is a Non-Profit Community Organization of Like Minded Individuals Responsibly Pursuing Life, Liberty and Happiness.